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Andy Hyde - Transformer Testimonial

THIS IS NOT A DIET!!! This is truly a transformation. I have been heavy my whole life and have been on diets since I was a kid. I have tried most everything out there that I thought was safe and that would not harm my body. As John said 97% of diets fail. I’m living proof. Did I loose weight? Sure, did I gain it back? You betcha. 

When I found John I was doing the Medifast diet. I was losing weight but felt bad. I was weak. I had no energy. I was constantly craving food. When I heard John on the radio it sounded to good to be true but I decided to check it out. My first meeting with John I was skeptical but it made sense. I took my wife with me. She too was wanting to diet and wanted to try NutriSystem. Well, long story short we decide to try. I had just received a shipment of Medifast food which I returned the next day. 

We started seeing results pretty quick. We were losing weight and getting toned. My wife had an injury about a week into the program. I called John. He said do the exercises in a chair. Skeptical again but she lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks by sitting in a chair. Yes believe it. It’s that easy. I have and autustic child. She is not active at all. She also lost weight (15 lbs)  just by changing her eating habits to ours. Amazing.  

As for me. I  I lost 40 lbs I look good and I feel good. I also have tons of energy. My goal was to get to 265 lbs. I surpassed my goal weight and now I am at 252 lbs. I weigh less now than I did when I was 19. As a whole the wife and I have lost 80 plus pounds and could not be happier! I challenge anyone who has dieted in the past and struggled as we all have to DO THIS THING!!! It’s so easy. You can only fail if you don’t do it.

- Andy Hyde

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